VASKO @ 40

I am a good reader. I never imagined for one moment that one day I would set to see my name in print as an author. You know, it was no easy task getting there. It turned out that reading a book has nothing to do with writing one.
My book was ‘spoken’ and momentarily you will ‘hear’ it.
What I write now is merely a foreword. Usually, people cleverer than the author provide the foreword to a book. Not in this case.
Even my story came to be a book not in the usual way.
I received a draft of the book two days ago. I read it in one go. I can honestly say I took much pleasure from it. It made me thankful that these last forty years have been a barrel of fun shared with family and friends and also in terms of my career.
You must wonder why I had to read the book I wrote. The book was in fact ‘recorded’. This all happened in London over 10 days in March. My personal assistant Petya Ivanova created a tough schedule for both of us. It was hard-going, having to split my time between ‘memory recovery’ sessions and music rehearsals. To begin with, it was fun and easy and my parents helped, contributing lots of amusing anecdotes about my childhood. As the story progressed, complications arose – each of the people involved appeared to have quite different recollections of the same events. I had to make a decision – and I did. It’s my story so I will tell it as I remember it. I told my story to Petya and the pieces came together quite naturally and in the right order. At that point, we brought on board a mutual friend who is a proper author, Vanya Shreteva – and so dear readers, it is thanks to her that the jigsaw of my life which I had rambled through is now in written form.
I can also attest from my experience that when your book is further refined by editors, who know you and love you, then it’s not so difficult to be an author.
Allow me in this foreword to apologise to two groups of friends, colleagues and relatives – the ones that are mentioned in ways that they might not like and others that I missed because I did not recall and recount in time. And now it is too late as I have but a few minutes to include this foreword before the book goes to print. Hopefully you will all forgive and still love me.
This is it. This foreword is somewhat unorthodox and possibly even confusing but for me at least, I feel it is a necessary prelude… to the book.
22.09.2010, Sofia